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Zoom lifting 40-minute limit on free Thanksgiving Calls

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Thanksgiving spread with turkey, cornbread stuffing and sautéed Brussel sprouts. A meal like this can be cooked and readied to be enjoyed in multiple homes and connected via Zoom, or virtually, during this year’s Thanksgiving holiday. (Sarah Crowder/Katie Workman via AP)

You won’t have to wolf down your Thanksgiving dinner to finish before your free Zoom phone call with your family ends.
If you’re planning on uniting the family on Turkey Day with a Zoom call due to COVID 19, you no longer have to worry about limiting it to 40 minutes.

In a tweet, Zoom says it is lifting the 40-minute limit on free calls during Thanksgiving.

The time-limit will be suspended from 12 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, November 26th through 6 a.m. Eastern on Friday, November 27th.