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Zelensky asks Biden to “be a leader of the world”

Ukrainian President addressed a joint session of congress this morning and received a standing ovation.

During his virtual speech he spoke through a translator and told U.S. lawmakers that Ukraine needs their help now.  “We need you,” he pleaded.

Then, President Zelensky spoke in English directly to President Biden and asked him to become a leader of the world, which he said means a leader of peace.

leader of peace

President Zelensky Russia’s invasion of his country a brutal and said it’s a “terror that Europe has not seen” since World War Two.

Despite the unprovoked war, Zelensky said Ukraine “doesn’t give up.”

He thanked the U.S. for aid that has been provided and again urged NATO allies to establish a no-fly zone to stop Russian bombers.

He also said new packages of sanctions against Russia are needed every week.

Meantime, Zelensky played a video of Russian bombardments of Ukrainian cities and the impacts on the people of Ukraine.