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YouTuber discovers submerged car of teens who disappeared 21 years ago

A YouTuber who gained popularity from scuba diving has made it his mission to find missing people, and he discovered the vehicle of two teens who disappeared 21 years ago in rural Tennessee.

Police in White County on December 1 confirmed his discovery of a car that matched the one driven by Erin Foster, 18, and Jeremy Bechtel, 17, who were reported missing in April 2000.

Jeremy Beau Sides whose YouTube channel is called Exploring with the Nug, told CNN he stumbled upon the cold case while looking through a missing persons database.

“When I saw two teens went missing and vanished in a car, that really stood out to me,” Sides said. “When I looked at the town where they were last seen, I saw that a big river ran through it. That just told me to go.”

Sides, who describes himself as a one-man crew and does all of his own filming and editing, grabbed his gear and left for Sparta, the county seat of White County, Tennessee.

His first search was unsuccessful but the search video was brought to the attention of White County Sheriff Steve Page in late November by a member of Foster’s family. Page said in a statement that he reached out to Sides to suggest looking at a different location along the Calfkiller River.

And that’s where Sides made the discovery