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WW2 vet turns 100 on Father’s Day in Broward

Stanley Byars
World War II veteran Stanley Byars, 92, of Atlanta, center, holds his hat during the singing of the National Anthem at a ceremony awarding the French Legion of Honor medal to Byars and fellow veterans by the Consul General of France at the Capitol Thursday, June 4, 2015, in Atlanta. The Legion of Honor is the highest distinction France can award to a citizen or foreigner. The Ten WWII veterans who were honored Thursday fought on French territory as part of the liberation of the country from Nazi Germany and were nominated by President Francois Hollande. Regularly under enemy fire, Byars was the sole survivor of machine gun fire from a single German fighter plan that attacked his five-truck convoy. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

The number of actively enrolled World War II veterans has dropped from 792 in fiscal year 2018 to 397 in 2021.

So when one lives to be 100, it’s a big deal!  Especially if the birthday falls on Father’s Day as it did for one South Florida WW2 veteran.

World War II Army veteran Paul Weitzenkom celebrated his 100th birthday in Fort Lauderdale surrounded by family and friends on Sunday.

The grandfather told WSVN that he  hadn’t “thought about it much, but when I thought about it, I was hopeful that I make it.”   And he did.