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Writer and groundbreaking culture critic Greg Tate dead at 64


Greg Tate was an American writer, musician, and producer. Dead at 64. The news was confirmed by a spokesperson at Duke University Press, his publisher. No further details were provided. A long-time critic for The Village Voice, Tate focused particularly on African-American music and culture. Flyboy in the Buttermilk: Essays on Contemporary America collected 40 of his works for the Voice. He published a sequel, Flyboy 2, in 2016. Tate was celebrated for his work analyzing black artistry and influence, he was a trendsetter setting the bar high for many writers and creatives that followed in his footsteps pursuing writing as a profession. Tate was from Dayton, Ohio and his family relocated to Washington, D.C. in his early teen years. He studied at Howard University. Tate remained a steady presence in cultural criticism, contributing to the New York Times, The Washington Post, Rolling Sone, Vibe. He also help positions as visiting professor at Brown University and Columbia University. Tate was a legend and will remain a hero for many writers to come, his legacy lives on in his writing and the people he touched with his art. His work is like putting on a warm sweater in a brutal winter, it keeps you warm.