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WPB Police: Brave 9-year-old punches attacker to save mom

A 9-year-old Florida girl is getting kudos from West Palm Beach police for fighting off a would-be robber to protect her mother. Fortunately, the whole thing was caught on video.

West Palm Beach police say Journee Nelson and her mother were shopping for groceries at Sabor Tropical Supermarket on Nov. 2 when the suspect tried to steal her mom’s purse.

Police say as Journee’s mother was loading groceries into her car, the suspect ‘rushed up on her’ and began to violently pull at her purse before knocking her down. The suspect reportedly told the mother to let go of the purse or “you’re going to make me pop you” while reaching for his waistband.

Journee ran towards the suspect and punched him in the head and then chased after him. The suspect, identified as Demetrius Jackson, initially got away but was later arrested two days later, police said.