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WPB Fire Chief has advice for new residents this Hurricane season

Hurricane Evacuation Route Road Sign

The Atlantic Hurricane season begins Wednesday and  Jen and Bill began our hurricane season preparedness week today by speaking with West Palm Beach Fire Chief Diana Matty who is an expert in emergency management and public safety.

Chief Matty says Floridians know the drill, but  new residents need to make a plan on whether they are going to stay and ride out a storm or evacuate and leave the area.

She also says new homeowners need to make sure they have shutters, impact windows or plywood cut to size for their windows and home openings.

Chief Matty also says cash is king, so head to the bank and get some money before the storm so you can buy supplies and gas after a storm moves through.

She also reminded everyone to top off your vehicle and generator fuel tanks.

Listen to Jen and Bill’s full interview with WPB Fire Chief Diana Matty here.

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