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WPB city commissioners consider proposal to expand restaurant spaces

City commissioners in West Palm Beach say they are considering a proposal to allow some restaurants to use street parking paces to expand their serving space.

Restaurants in the area were allowed to reopen at 25% of their capacity on Monday, however, some restaurants opted to remain closed due to limited available space and the inability to follow social distancing guidelines.

City commissioners are now looking at the proposal which is similar to what some areas in Orlando are currently doing to allow restaurants extra seating space for customers, while also not hindering traffic.

Some commissioners say they are concerned that some owners make take advantage of the situation while Mayor Keith James says he wants the restaurants put on a “short-leash.”

Christopher Roog, director of Economic Development told commissioners that if restaurants abuse the rules, they will lose their permit for extra space and could possibly be asked to reclose.

There has been no vote on the proposal as of yet and it is unclear when and if the proposal will go into effect.