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Would be robber confronted by clerk with gun

Escambia County Sheriff's Office
Escambia County Sheriff’s Office


A robbery suspect left a convenience store empty-handed after the store’s employee pulled out a gun of their own.
The incident occurred on Sept. 9 at a store on North Pace Boulevard.
Authorities say the clerk noticed on the security camera that someone was arming themselves with a shotgun before they walked into the store.
The clerk then went into the back to grab their own weapon.
The would-be thief entered the store while the clerk is still in the back.
“Seconds later, when he sees the employee return, he freezes. … The employee returned to the counter holding his own gun toward the befuddled attempted robber.”
When the robber noticed the clerk’s gun he tried to smooth talk him.
“I don’t mean no harm. I’m just not from around here,“ he tells the clerk. “I’m from Chicago.”
The would-be thief then slowly walked out of the store, while keeping his eyes on the clerk.
Once the suspect was outside of the store, he fled the scene.
Authorities located the suspect on Sept. 15th in Santa Rosa County.
He was still in possession of the Benelli shotgun.
According to the report, the suspect is a 32-year-old man identified as Rakim Stephen Tate.

He has been charged with openly carrying a prohibited weapon and attempted robbery with a firearm.