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World’s population to reach 8 billion today, UN projects

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The global population is projected to reach 8 billion people today due to the consistent increase in human lifespan, technological advancements, health improvements, high fertility levels, and medicine, according to the United Nations.

“At the same time, rapid population growth poses challenges to progress in social and economic development by necessitating an ever-increasing investment of resources to meet the needs of growing numbers of people,” said the U.N. in a policy brief. “In addition, continued population growth gives heightened urgency to efforts to ensure economic development while also protecting and preserving the environment.”

It will take 15 years for the population to reach 9 billion, which is a clear distinction that the growth rate of the global population is dropping.

Slower population growth can alleviate the difficulties stemming from environmental damage and mitigate patterns of global temperature rise.

“This is an occasion to celebrate our diversity, recognize our common humanity, and marvel at advancements in health that have extended lifespans and dramatically reduced maternal and child mortality rates,” said U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres. “At the same time, it is a reminder of our shared responsibility to care for our planet and a moment to reflect on where we still fall short of our commitments to one another.”

Future projections of life expectancy may be 77.2 years by 2050, in comparison to 72.8 years as of 2019, according to the U.N.