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Worker at Goodwill finds 42,000 sorting donations

$100 bills, Cash, Currency
(AP Photo/LM Otero, File)

Honesty is the best policy.

In Norman, Oklahoma a Goodwill worker discovers 42,000 in cash while sorting through a pile of donations.

Andrea Lessing reported the money and helped reunite the large sum of money to it’s rightful owner.

Lessing told CNN that she was sorting through some clothes and felt something odd. She unfolded the clothes and found the stash of money. She originally thought the money was fake because she’s never found anything more than a few dollars in the donations.

Andrea Lessing received a 1,000 reward for her honesty from the owner of the cash. She didn’t really expect a reward for the good deed. Goodwill says the sum of money was one of the largest ever found at any of it’s locations.

Her main goal in life is to be a good example for her 6-year old daughter, if you do something good it will come back she stated.

No one is sure how the money ended up in the donations.