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Word game, “Wordle,” going viral, here’s how to play

A simple word-guessing game called “Wordle” from across the pond is blowing up social media.
The game was created by software engineer Josh “Wardle,” and is really quite simple. While it looks like a crossword puzzle, it is not.
People all over the “world” are asked to solve a daily “word” by eliminating letters…and you only get six tries.
While it is supposed to take three minutes to solve, once a day, but devotees say it takes much longer.
Experts like Jillian Hill of the UT Center for Brain Health in Dallas say Wordle is like candy for the brain.
However, she says playing Wordle is better for your brain than binging shows on Netflix, but it’s not making you any smarter.
Regardless, it’s a bunch of fun and you can compete with the entire planet. Click here to play Wordle.
Here’s a helpful tutorial on how to play Wordle.