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Woman who killed her pregnant roommate sentenced

Pregnant baby mother
(AP Photo/Teresa Crawford, File)

A Texas woman who is accused of killing her pregnant roommate has been sentenced to serve 50 years behind bars.

Casey Kennedy was sentenced Friday for the 2019 death of her roommate Kelly Holder.

According to the report, Holder was found unresponsive at the home on August 2nd.

An autopsy showed that Holder suffered traumatic blunt force injuries and asphyxiation, and that an object had been forced in her rectum.

After several interviews with Holder’s roommates Kennedy and Courtney Dawn Whitley, they admitted to Holder’s murderer.

The women told authorities that they got into an argument with Holder and began kicking her in the chest. Another suspect, Alexander Christopher Lopez who let into the home by Kennedy, joined in and began kicking Holder in the pelvis.

According to police, “all three suspects admitted they were angry with Holder” because they believed that Holder caused Whitley to have a miscarriage. The suspects then attacked her because they wanted her to feel the pain of a miscarriage herself.

The suspects also told police that they believed Holder had been letting unknown men into the home so that they could sexually assault Kennedy and Whitley.

All three suspect were arrested in August for the murder of Holder.

Whitley was sentenced on Oct. 29 to 50 years in the TDCJ system.

A Nov. 12th sentencing hearing for Lopez is in the process of being rescheduled, while Kennedy was sentenced Friday.

Authorities also report that each suspect also faces an additional murder charge in the death of Holder’s fetus.