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Woman who called police on black man, fired from job

A New York woman who was captured on a now viral video where she falsely called the police on a black man saying he was threatening her life, has since been fired from her job. The incident occurred on Monday in an area of Central Park known for bird watching. According to the parties involved, a man who allegedly visited the park to bird watch, asked the woman to put their dog on a leash as it is the policy in that area of the park due to the birds. The woman refused and that’s when the man says he pulled out treats to lure the dog over in an attempt to get the woman to put the dog on a leash. The conversation quickly becomes heated at which point, the man began recording the incident. In the video, the woman asks the man to stop recording her as she approaches him with her dog. The man then replied “stop walking towards me.” That’s when the woman threatens to call the police and claim that an African American man was threatening her life. Within seconds she did just that. Authorities reported that they arrived to the scene around 8:00 pm and acknowledge that the two had an argument but decided to go their separate ways: “Upon arrival, police determined two individuals had engaged in a verbal dispute,” an NYPD spokesperson said. “There were no arrests or summonses issued and both parties went on their way. While no one legal consequences occurred, due to the now viral video, her place of employment has since decided to terminate her after further review of the video.  

  The woman has also returned the dog to the shelter from which she originally purchased the animal after those who watched the video expressed concern for how the woman was handling the dog. While the woman refused to put the dog on a leash, she was seen holding the dog in the air by it’s collar as it yelped and struggled to break free.