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Woman threatens one woman and shoots another during argument at Publix

AP Photo_John Raoux (7)

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s department is reporting that they have arrested a 61-year-old woman who reported pulled a gun on one woman and shot another woman who was recording her during a heated argument at Publix.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon at the store on 5970 S. Jog Road in Lake Worth.

Officials say Renata Ray got into an argument with another shopper and reportedly threatened to kill her. She then pulled out her gun from her waistband and that’s when the victim contacted police.

At that point Ray began walking to her car. Another woman who was exiting the store at the same time began taking photos of Ray and that’s when Ray confronted her asking “what are you looking at?” Ray then put her hand in her pants and retrieved her gun before shooting the victim in the foot.

Ray then fled the scene in a red Volvo, however, within minutes she authorities located her vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. Authorities say that the weapon was found on Ray during the traffic stop.

She is now facing several charges including attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault with a firearm.

As of Monday, Ray was being held at that Palm Beach County jail without bond.