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Woman threatens man with gun after seeing “vaccinated” sticker

AP PhotoJohn Raoux - 2022-03-04T164517.475
Albuquerque police

A 33-year-old woman is now behind bars after she threatened another driver with a gun after noticing his “vaccinated” bumper sticker.

The incident occurred in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Sunday afternoon.

Authorities say the victim Gabriel Chavez, was driving his vehicle ahead of Christina Blair when Blair began honking her horn and yelling at him . Chavez told authorities that he waved his hand for Blair to go around but instead, they caught up to each other at a light. Blair then reportedly threw a water bottle at his car.

Chavez says he attempted to get away from Blair but accidently hit her vehicle.

He then decided to pull into a Walgreens parking lot to exchange insurance information with Blair.

As he got his insurance information together for her, Blair then pulled out her gun and cocked it back so that it was ready to fire.

When authorities spoke to Blair, she told them that she feared for her life so she retrieved her gun.

Video from the scene, however, contradicted her story:

“Throughout the course of my investigation, I was able to determine that Christine did have an opportunity to leave the area in her vehicle, but instead overtly reached into her vehicle and retrieved a handgun threatening Gabriel with the firearm,” police wrote in a criminal complaint.

After speaking with Blair again she told police that she was angered by the “pro-vaccination” bumper sticker on his vehicle.

On Tuesday a judge a declared Blair a “dangerous person” and ordered that she remained jailed leading up to her trial due to her criminal history.

According to reports Blair had several juvenile interactions that were of a “violent nature.” She was also arrested in 2007 for aggravated assault.