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Woman Stuck In Apartment With Dead Husband due to COVID-19 Quarantine

(Borghetto Santo Spirito, Italy) — What a nightmare…an Italian woman is locked inside her apartment with her dead husband’s body because of a coronavirus quarantine. The woman has reportedly been shouting for help from her balcony for two days. The woman’s husband died Monday from coronavirus and she’s been in her apartment with him since then. The mayor of her northern Italian town says no one is allowed to approach the body right now because of stringent restrictions in place to prevent the spread of the virus. The husband, who had tested positive for coronavirus previously, died Monday at 2 a.m. local time. “Yes, it is true she is still there with the body and we won’t be able to remove it until Wednesday morning,“ the mayor said. Canepa said quarantine protocol states that no one is allowed to approach the body. “Unfortunately, we have a security protocol we must follow,” he said. The mayor also said that the man refused to be taken to the local hospital for recovery, which led to this situation. “Otherwise, this wouldn’t have happened,” he said. The story made headlines in Italy as stories emerged of the wife’s despair at remaining locked up with her husband’s dead body for hours on end.