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Woman steals neighbor’s goat then paints it

AP Photo_John Raoux (78)
Alabama police

An Alabama woman is facing felony charges after she allegedly stole her neighbor’s goat and then painted the animal.

The incident occurred in Gulf Shores earlier this week.

Authorities say 34-year-old Erica Marie Farmer took the goat from her neighbor’s farm and brought it to her home to show her child. At some point, Farmer then decided to paint the goat and take pictures with it before posting them on social media.

The neighbor eventually noticed that the goat was missing and called a different neighbor to see if they had seen the animal. The neighbor was then told that Farmer posted photos of the animal online.

Deputies say when they got to Farmer’s house, the goat was still in her possession.

She is now facing a felony charge of animal cruelty in addition to a charge of theft of property.

Her bond has been set at $6,000.