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Woman stabs boyfriend for looking through her phone

A Florida woman has been arrested after she reportedly stabbed her boyfriend multiple times because he looked through her phone.

The incident occurred Thursday around 4:25 am in Gainesville, Florida.

Officials say when they responded to the home, they were told that 25-year-old Ashanti Bradley and her boyfriend got into an argument about infidelity after he found messages between Bradley and another man on her phone.

The victim says when he got into Bradley’s face during the argument, he then felt something in his shoulder area. When he looked down he realized that he had been stabbed with a knife.

The victim and Bradley then began fighting over the knife at which point the victim was stabbed two more times in the neck and in the shoulder before the blade broke off inside of the victim.

The victim was able to get the blade out of his body and called the police.

Bradley told deputies that she was fearful for her life so during the argument she tucked a knife in her waistband.  Deputies later determined that Bradley acted of her own freewill and had no injuries to her person.

She has since been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and has a $30,000 bond.