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Woman sets house on fire after argument over a hamburger

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(NUTBUSH, TN)– A 54-year-old woman has been arrested after she allegedly set her neighbor’s house on fire after her neighbor failed to pay her back full for a hamburger.
The incident occurred on Nov. 4th
The victim, who is wheelchair-bound, told authorities that the suspect, Pamela Crawley West, bought her a hamburger and expected her to pay her back.
The woman says she gave West some of the money but could not pay her in full.
West and the victim reportedly argued back and forth for several minutes before West allegedly told the victim “Have fun getting out of the house, (explicative). ”
The victim says West slammed the door and the next thing she knew, her house was on fire.
Authorities say there were four adults and three children inside the home at the time of the fire but no one was injured.
A witness told authorities that they saw West use a cigarette lighter to set a plastic bag of clothes on fire before leaving the area.
Despite a witness statement, West’s daughter told reporters that she does not believe her mother is capable of setting a house on fire knowing there were children inside.
The woman also told reporters that both her mother and the neighbors are frequent drug users and that she believes the neighbors are mad at her mother because she probably stole some of their drugs or clothing.
“They (are) all in here getting high and obviously my mother likes to steal. I’m not going to lie to you. She probably got one of them for their dope and now they’re mad at each other,” Jennifer Johnson told FOX13 News.

West was taken into custody for arson. Her bond is set at $30,000.