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Woman seeking revenge sets fire to wrong house

Rowan County Sheriff’s Office
Rowan County Sheriff’s Office

SALISBURY, N.C.– The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 49-year-old woman who set fire to a home, believing it was her ex-boyfriend’s.
The incident occurred in Gold Hill on Friday, July 22.
Officials say the homeowner was woken up by a neighbor who noticed a woman trying to set fire to the home.
When the homeowner went outside, they noticed the woman covered bundles of wood in chainsaw oil and set on fire on the front porch.
The homeowner then went around the back to grab their water hose and noticed that burning pieces of wood around a propane tank.
The victim also told authorities that the woman used sealant to block the flow of water.
When the homeowner noticed the woman somehow got a hold of one of his dogs, he grabbed his rifle and confronted her.
She reportedly mumbled something at the homeowner while still holding his dog on a leash.

When the woman noticed authorities approaching, she drove off in her vehicle.
Deputies eventually caught up with her and have identified her as Christie Louise Jones.

Authorities say Jones’ ex-boyfriend lives in the area but neither he or the homeowner are familiar with each other.
Jones has been charged with felony first-degree arson, assault with a deadly weapon, and larceny of an animal. Her Bond was set at $101,500.
Authorities say the home sustained approximately $20,000 in damage.