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Woman receives license with face mask photo

A California woman is sharing her story after she received her new driver’s license with a photo of her wearing a face mask.

25-year-old Lesley Pilgrim says after spending three hours in a line at the DMV, she was excited to finally get her Real ID in the mail but did not expect to find a picture of herself wearing her face mask.

“I was thinking that there’s just no way that this can qualify as legal identification,” Pilgrim said.

Pilgrim admits that the photographer initially took a picture of her wearing her face mask, but she thought the situation had been remedied after the photographer asked her to remove her mask and took another photo of her.

“So [the DMV] actually did take two photos, ” said Pilgrim. “One with my mask on and one without my mask and then somehow it got lost in their process and they sent the masked photo. ”

DMV Spokesperson Anita Gore says that the processing of the photo was a mistake:

“Clearly there was some miscommunication at some level,” Gore said. ” We’ve gone over the protocols with our employee’s so they now know, you know, to double-check.”

The DMV has since made contact with Pilgrim to set up another appointment. They also said that they are investigating how this incident occurred.

Pilgrim says she plans to hold on to the ID a souvenir of the pandemic:

“It’s definitely a sign of the time,” Pilgrim said. ” It’s going to be the perfect souvenir for me to look back on.”