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Woman pepper sprays shopper at Walmart for not practicing “social distancing”

As a way to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, health officials have encouraged people to practice social distancing by keeping 6ft apart from each other.

One woman took social distancing to the extreme.

A Washington D.C woman pepper sprayed someone who tried to get on an elevator with her at a Walmart.

A number of shoppers  were trying to get on an elevator to leave the Walmart Monday, when a woman with no mask got on first and tried to close the doors so no one else would come in.

When other shoppers tried to get on, the woman sprayed another woman in her face with the pepper spray.

“She was talking about some social distancing, six feet, but she was real serious with it though,” said shopper Dominick Gamble, who recorded the incident.

Police showed up to the scene but the woman was not arrested and no charges were filed. They did, however, confiscate the Sabre pepper spray.

The victim declined to receive any treatment when the ambulance arrived.