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Woman loses $2,000 in Amazon scam

(AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File)

A Florida woman has reportedly lost $2,000 in an allegedly Amazon.com phone scam.

The victim, Linda Shepard, reported that she received a call from a woman pretending to be a part of Amazon’s security systems and warned her about a possible hack of her account.

” Girl said she was with Amazon Security systems, that someone was trying to hack into my Amazon account and charge an iPhone 12 for $999,” Shepard said.

“She kept telling me that people were trying to hack into Amazon accounts all the time [and] that she was going to show me how to delete my credit cards.”

Shepard says she was caught off-guard and before she realized the woman was a scammer, $2,000 had been withdrawn from her account.

The Federal Trade Commission has reported that they have seen an uptick in scammers using popular businesses such as Amazon to scam people out of their money:

“In our 2020 report on scams, Amazon was the second most popular name used in reporting scams,” Bryan Oglesby of the BBB told WPTV. ” They are really good at using fear and intimidation, making the consumer believe something is wrong.”

Officials want to remind the public that Amazon will never call you to report an issue with your account or an order. If Amazon detects an issue with your account, they will likely email you with the details. The scams generally work by catching you off-guard and by forcing you to make a rushed decision.

If you are suspicious of a phone call or email you receive, call the company directly or log on to your account to contact a consumer service specialist.