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Woman lacking permanent legal status claims responsibility for stillborn found in Florida dumpster

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(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

LAKELAND, FL– A 34-year-old woman has come forward after to claim responsibility for an infant’s body that was found in a bag inside of a dumpster behind several businesses.
The infant’s body was discovered around 6:03 a.m. Thursday at 3625 South Florida Avenue.
The Lakeland Police Department released several photos of people of interest in an effort to find who left the child in the dumpster.
When the woman saw the photos, she came forward to offer an explanation.
The woman now identified as Brusela D’Enstachio-Lugo, told authorities that she gave birth to the child alone outside her home early Wednesday morning after not knowing she had been pregnant.
D’Enstachio-Lugo reported that she only experienced mild symptoms and she could not go to the doctor due to her immigration status, nor could she afford to.
After realizing the child was dead, D’Enstachio-Lugo says she got rid of the child’s body by putting it in the dumpster later that night.
A medical examiner determined that the infant was stillborn and had a severe brain deformity.
The newborn’s death has not been deemed a homicide or a result of foul play.
D’Enstachio-Lugo has been charged with improperly moving and storing human remains.
Authorities also reported that they contacted the Department of Homeland Security to address her immigration status.