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Woman kills federal judge, seriously injures 6-year-old boy in Boca Raton hit-and-run


A woman who claimed to be “Harry Potter” was arrested after police say she killed a federal judge and left a 6-year-old boy seriously injured in a hit-and-run crash Friday morning in Boca Raton.

Boca Raton police said the driver was driving erratically and went around stopped traffic and up onto the sidewalk where she struck two pedestrians.

One victim was Sandra Feuerstein, 75, a federal judge based out of New York, and the other victim was a 6-year-old boy.

Judge Feuerstein was transported to Delray Medical Center where she died of her injuries. The boy is seriously injured.

Officers spoke with witnesses at the scene of the crash and were able to determine that the suspect was a Black woman with medium to short length hair. A witness also provided the full license plate number of the suspect vehicle as well as a description of a bumblebee sticker on the trunk.

Boca Raton police received a call from Delray Beach police that the suspect vehicle was located and had crashed at the intersection of 10th Street and SE 6th Avenue in Delray Beach.

Delray Beach Police arrived to the scene where they met 23-year-old Nastasia Andranie Snape who was apparently unconscious. Police noticed she was making seizure-like movements and would not look officers in the face when they asked her questions.

When Snape was in an ambulance she began to scream and fight with medics, stating she was “Harry Potter.” Medics had to administer 400mg of Ketamine to calm her down.

Snape told officers she remembered being involved in car crash at one point, but later denied it.

When police searched her purse for identification, they found several small containers containing a common synthetic designer drug called “T” salts, as well as rolling papers. Police say that “T” salts are commonly known to cause erratic excited delirium-like behavior.

Snape’s vehicle was swabbed for her DNA and the DNA of the victims, and the results were submitted into evidence.

A warrant was submitted and approved to determine the contents of her blood at the time of the accident. The results of that test are not known at this time.

Snape is set to be charged with vehicular homicide, hit-and-run involving death, and leaving the scene of an accident with injury.