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Woman kidnapped and beaten over a lottery ticket

Arkansas Lottery
(AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

(CORDOVA, TN)– Police in Tennessee are reporting that a man reportedly broke into a home and kidnapped and beat a woman over a lottery ticket.
The incident occurred at the victim’s home on Nov. 8.
Police say the suspect, 43-year-old Dontrell Hanes went to the woman’s home and demanded that she let him in.
When she refused, he kicked down the door and went through the woman’s purse and dumped all of its contents on the floor.
Hanes then reportedly “dragged her through her home,” while punching her and at one point, restricted her breathing for at least five seconds.
Hanes then dragged the woman towards the doorway of her home, when the victim finally agreed to leave with him.
Inside the vehicle, Hanes revealed that he had a handgun and demanded the woman give him $10,000.
He also told her that if she did not give him the money he would “shoot up” someone’s house and that if she tried to leave, it would not end well for her.
The woman convinced Hanes to let her call her daughter and from there, authorities were contacted.
Hanes and the woman were later found outside of an Exxon gas station.
The woman told authorities that he attacked her because he hadn’t received his lottery ticket and felt that she owed him money.
Hanes was taken into custody on aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, and four counts of aggravated assault on a first responder, according to Shelby County jail records. He is scheduled for a court hearing on Nov. 10.