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Woman found chained to wall inside abandoned house

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A woman has been rescued from a home after a passerby heard her cries for help.
The incident occurred on Saturday at a boarded-up property in the West Pullman neighborhood of Chicago.
Antione Dobine who helped rescue the woman, says he was walking by the abandoned home when he heard a woman’s voice. As he got closer to the home, he heard that the woman was crying out for help.
Dobine called the police and waited near the home until the authorities arrived.
After the rescue, Dobine says first responders told him and the group of curious neighbors who’d begun gathering around the home, that a woman was handcuffed and chained to a wall inside the basement of the home.
While authorities say it is unclear how long the 36-year-old victim was in the home, children in the neighborhood reported hearing the woman’s cries for several weeks.
The victim told authorities that she believes she was chained up and rapped in the home for at least four days.
She also told them that she’d met her captor before, and that he’d grabbed her after stopping her to have a conversation while she was walking to the store.
As of Tuesday, May 24, the suspect believed to be in his 60’s is still at large.
“We are bringing all of our resources to bear in bringing this offender to justice,” Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said during a news briefing.