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Woman Finds Dog that had been Missing for 3 Years Pictured on Beer Can

Three years after it went missing, a Minnesota woman has found her beloved dog — on a can of beer.

Monica Mathis says she was scrolling through Facebook over the weekend when she came across a photo of a beer can that pictured a dog. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that looks like my dog,'” Mathis says.

“It was pretty much everywhere over the Internet.” After some investigation, Mathis found that the Florida-based Motorworks Brewing company had selected four dogs from a local shelter to picture on their product — and her long-lost canine, a terrier mix named Hazel, was one of them.

Mathis says she has no idea how Hazel, who went missing when Mathis lived in Iowa, got to Florida. Regardless, Friends of Manatee County Animal Services — which runs the Florida shelter Hazel is at — has offered to foot the bill to transport the pooch to Minnesota.

“Just this chance to be able to have her come home is amazing,” Mathis says. “I’m just so happy that I’m getting her back.”