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Woman dies after deputies forget to close patrol car door before driving

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SPARTA, GA– A 28-year-old woman has died after she fell out of a patrol car after deputies forgot to close one of the back doors.
Brianna Marie Grier was said to have died from her injuries in a hospital on Thursday, July 21st.
Authorities say Hancock County sheriff’s deputies arrested Grier at her home in Sparta on July 15th after her parents contacted them because she was banging on their door.
Deputies believed that Grier who suffers from a mental illness, was drunk at the time of the incident.
Grier’s parents requested that authorities take her to a hospital.
When authorities attempted to take Grier into custody, she refused to go and sat on the ground before curling into the fetal position.
Officials then put her into handcuffs as she was in the fetal position.
Grier reportedly told authorities that “she was not going to jail and that she was going to kill herself when she gets to jail.”
As the deputies began carrying her to the car, she began to kick them.
One of the officers threatened to taser her, to which Grier responded, “tase me!”
“To put Grier in the patrol car, one of the deputies walked around and opened the rear passenger side door,” according to the GBI. “The deputy quickly returned to the rear driver’s side door. Both deputies put Grier in the backseat of the patrol car. The deputies closed the rear driver’s side door,” but didn’t close the rear passenger side door.
Once the officers began driving, the passenger side door opened and Grier fell out of the vehicle.
Authorities say they found her on the side of the road, face down and unresponsive.
She was taken to an area hospital where she died six days later.
Authorities initially believed that Grier somehow opened the door herself, however, it was later discovered that the door was never fully closed.
The situation is still under investigation.