Woman didn’t know she was pregnant until she had a baby in the bathroom

A woman in Delaware says she was unaware that she was pregnant until she gave birth to a baby in her sister’s bathroom.

The incident occurred last month in Wilmington.

Carla Collazo told reporters that she was using her sister’s bathroom when she suddenly began to have severe back pain. She then called out to her sister for help. At some point during the ordeal, Collazo told her sister to open her legs to see what was happening, and that’s when the sisters found out the Collazo was in the process of giving birth.

The sisters successfully managed to birth the baby and then called 911 to administer much needed care to both mother and baby.

Doctors said despite the baby being born six weeks early and weighing under 3 pounds, the baby is healthy and is recovering in the hospital.

The new mother says the whole thing came as a complete shock to her because she did not have any symptoms of pregnancy, had taken several pregnancy test that came back negative, and had previously been told that she may not be able to have children due to a medical condition.

Despite the shock, Collazo says she is very happy about her “miracle baby.”