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Woman claims she ran over two people because she feared for her life

Flashing Lights on Police Car

A 30-year-old woman from Nashville, Tennessee says she ran over two people during a traffic incident because she was in “fear for her life.”
The incident occurred in Doral at Northwest 87th Avenue and 32nd Street.
Officials say the suspect, Danlesha Nicole Hall, was driving a rental car when she ran into another vehicle.
A female passenger in the other vehicle then got out of the car and confronted Hall.
During the confrontation, Hall allegedly hit the woman with the vehicle.
When the woman’s husband saw that his wife had been hit, she grabbed onto the driver’s side door of Hall’s vehicle to stop her from leaving.
The husband was instead dragged a few hundred feet until he let go.
Investigators later found the vehicle involved in the incident parked at a hotel.
Hall told investigators that the couple attempted to “box her in” at the Northwest 36th Street intersection.
She also told authorities that when she initially pulled over, both victims exited their car and began striking her windshield and screaming at her in Spanish.
Hall says because of the language barrier she “feared for her life” and drove off while the woman’s husband hung on to the vehicle while punching her in the face.
When authorities asked Hall why she did not contact them, she claimed she did call 911, but then hung up.
Hall was arrested and is being held on a $15,000 bond.