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Woman charged after torturing and killing dogs inside rental home

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Shiawassee County Sheriff’s department

A woman from Shiawassee County, Michigan has been arrested after allegedly torturing two dogs inside of a home.
The Shiawassee County Sheriff’s department says they began investigating the woman after two residents who were renting her home filed an animal cruelty complaint in December of 2021.
Officials say the residents noticed a bad odor coming from one of the rooms in the home that was padlocked. To investigate further, they eventually decided to break into the room. The Sheriff’s department says, that’s when the residents discovered the dead dogs.
Animal control officials reported that both dogs were in a state of advanced decomposition and that it appears that one of the dogs partially ate the other dog.
Investigators also reported that they believe the dogs died sometime over the summer before the residents moved in.
The homeowner identified as Jordan Hoisington, has since been arrested and charged with two felony counts of animal killing and torturing. Her bond has been set at $7,500.