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Woman awarded $1 million after newborn died due to lack of care in prison

A woman whose newborn died after she went into labor while in prison has been awarded $1 million from the state of South Carolina and two medical companies after an autopsy revealed that the child would have survived if given medical care.

According to reports Sinetra Johnson, found out she was pregnant two days before she was sentenced to more than two years behind bars for violating her parole.

While Johnson was transferred to a jail that caters to those with specialized medical needs, when she went into labor at 26 weeks, Johnson did not receive the medical attention she needed.

According to the lawsuit, medical staff at the Camille Griffin Graham Correctional Institution did not fully examine Johnson when they conducted an examine earlier that day and several hours later Johnson gave birth to her daughter in a prison toilet.

Despite requesting assistance, guards at the prison did not help.

Fellow inmates then wheeled Johnson to the medical station where she delivered a healthy son.

The first child, however, did not survive.

After an investigation it was found that if the first child received immediate medical care, she would have survived.