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Woman attacks fast food worker for taking too long

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A Tulsa woman has been arrested after she assaulted a fast food restaurant employee because she believed her food was taking too long.

The incident was reported around 10:00 p.m. on Friday at the Sonic near 61st and Lewis.

Officials say the suspect, Stacy Minihan began yelling at the carhop because she believed her order took too long.

The carhop tried to explain that the restaurant was short-staffed but while the employee was offering an explanation, Minihan reportedly slapped the food tray out of the carhop’s hand. Minihan then punched the carhop in the chest before fleeing the scene.

A witness followed Minihan in an attempt to get her license plate number and that’s when Minihan pulled over, got out of the car, and began firing peppering balls from a pepper ball gun at the witness.

Officials say the witness was hit several times in the face and was bleeding from the head.

Minihan then drove to a store where police finally caught up with her.

Investigators say that they recovered the pepper ball gun used in the attack, along with almost 30 grams of meth and other drug paraphernalia from her car.

Minihan was arrested and is now facing assault and drug charges.