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Woman arrested with $200K worth of meth in vehicle

Henry County, Indiana Sheriff's Office
Henry County, Indiana Sheriff’s Office

Police in Henry County, Indiana have arrested a woman who had $200,000 worth of meth in her car.
The arrest occurred Thursday around 11:00 am near the 131-mile-marker.
Authorities say 33-year-old Courtney M. Kinard of Illinois was initially stopped by police because she was speeding on Interstate 70.
When authorities approached the vehicle, they noticed a “vacuum-sealed” package containing a small amount of marijuana in the woman’s SUV.
Officials then searched her vehicle.
During the search, authorities found a locked suitcase. When they opened the suitcase, they found 50 pounds of crystal meth.
Kinard was arrested and charged with dealing methamphetamine and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.