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Woman arrested after transporting newborns in milk crate strapped to bike with bungee cord

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN — A 35-year-old mother is behind bars after she was caught transporting newborn twins in a milk crate strapped to the front of her bike with a bungee cord.
The incident was reported on June 27 near 3852 E. 10th Street.
Staff at Just Pizza noticed the woman driving struggling to control her bike and almost falling a few times.
When the woman got closer to the shop, they realized that she had two infants inside the milk crate.
Video of the incident shows staff members stopping the woman and taking custody of the children who were wearing only diapers and who were placed in the crate with no protection.
Medical personnel evaluated the infants at the scene and determined that the infant girl, was suffering from sunburns, abrasions on her left hand, and minor scratches. The second baby, a boy, had sunburns, a wound on his groin, and an “extreme” rash.
The woman identified as Blossom Kirby told police that she was riding her bike to her friend’s house and that was her way of transporting her children since she did not have a car:
“She had told me that prior to me stopping her, she had one baby in the front and one baby in the back,” witness Suezanne Lynch, recalled. “She couldn’t control the bike that well, so she put both babies in the one milk crate in the front. [She said] that was her way of transporting the babies anytime she left.”
Authorities also asked why Kirby did not call the father for a ride, and she reportedly told them that she did not know his name.
Kirby was taken into custody and is facing two counts of neglect of a dependent. She was released from jail on June 29 but was arrested again on July 6 for violating probation on a prior auto theft charge. She is scheduled back in court on August 1st.