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Woman arrested after running over boyfriend

AP PhotoJohn Raoux - 2022-03-08T160903.994
Mobile County Metro Jail

A Miami area woman has been arrested in Alabama after she reportedly ran over her boyfriend while on I-10 in the Mobile over the weekend.

Officials say 37-year-old Johana Suarez and her boyfriend were traveling from Miami to California when they got into an argument.

The couple pulled over and that’s when the boyfriend reportedly got out of the vehicle and began walking.

Being left alone in the vehicle, Suarez then reportedly put the vehicle in drive and ran down the victim.

Authorities were called to the scene around 6:00 a.m. after a witness reported the incident.

Police say the vehicle’s black box showed that Suarez was driving at 73 mph when she struck her boyfriend.

She has been arrested and is facing a murder charge.