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Woman arrested after “macing” parents

AP Photo_John Raoux (51)
High Springs police

A 57-year-old Florida woman has been arrested after she allegedly sprayed mace in the faces of her elderly parents after becoming upset.

The incident was reported at a home in High Springs, Florida.

Authorities say Karen Daniel was shopping with her mother when she became extremely agitated and began belittling her mother.  The mother then called her husband and informed him of the way his daughter was acting.

When the women returned home, Daniel’s father confronted her about the way she treated her mother. At that point, Daniel reportedly grabbed a can of mace and proceeded to spray her father in the face with it. Daniel then turned to her mother and sprayed her in the face as well.

When authorities arrived to the home, they found Daniel’s father in the bathroom with a towel and ice to his eyes while Daniel’s mother was found in the garage crying and calling out for help.

Daniel was taken into custody and has been charged with two counts of domestic aggravated battery on persons 65 or older.