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Woman arrested, accused of impersonating high school student in order to gain social media fame

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Police arrested a woman accused of impersonating a high school student in Northwest Miami-Dade to apparently try to gain followers and fame on social media.

28-year-old Audrey Francisquini was arrested after she allegedly was able to blend in with students to pass through security.

“She was carrying a skateboard, a painting, dressed similar to students to try and blend in with — as soon as you shake your head right now,” a prosecutor said.

According to the arrest report, the 28-year-old was handing out fliers promoting her Instagram page with her phone rolling, and when she was confronted by school security, she took off.

“She was like, I think, recording some stuff in there, like some crazy stuff, and she had, like, the devil’s mask and everything,” a student said. “It’s crazy. It’s very creepy.”

The mask the student referred to was frequently shown on the 28-year-old’s social media page.

Francisquini was arrested hours later at her North Miami Beach home.

She faces charges of trespassing and interfering with a school. She was granted a $2,000 bond with orders to stay away from the school..

Miami-Dade County Public Schools released a statement on the 28-year-old’s arrest. They called her arrest an unfortunate incident and said the matter is under review.

Francisquini was apparently working for Carnival Cruise Lines as a salesperson. The cruise line said they are looking into the matter internally and will take further action, if needed.