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Woman arrested 23 years after dumping baby in trashcan

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A 50-year-old Washington woman has been arrested 23 years after she allegedly dumped her newborn’s body at a gas station.

According to the report, on Nov. 20, 1997 workers at the gas station discovered the baby’s body instead on of their garbage cans.

The King County Medical Examiner later found that the baby had been born alive but was found dead inside of the trashcan.

Authorities were able to pull an image of the woman from one of the gas station’s security camera but despite several tips on who the woman could be, they still were unable to identify her.

In 2018 investigators began re-investigating the case after a public genealogy website received DNA that matched the woman seen on surveillance.

Investigators then when undercover to gain access to the woman’s DNA. That DNA was entered into the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab’s database where authorities again received a match.

The unidentified woman has since been taken into custody. Her first court appearance is scheduled for Friday.