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Woman accuses Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner of holding ‘WTF’ paper

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During her speech about why masks don’t need to worn, a woman says Mayor Dave Kerner was holding up a piece of paper with the words “WTF” on it while she was at the podium in front of Palm Beach County Commissioners.

Jean-Marie Nacer stopped in the middle of her speech and said  “I’m sorry. You just held up a sign that says ‘WTF.’ Mayor Kerner, you held up a sign to (Commissioner Melissa) McKinlay that says ‘WTF.’ Do you want to show public record what you just held up? Show me that sign for public record as I’m speaking to you. It says ‘WTF.’ I want that on public record.”

Mayor Kerner said “This is a record from our counsel, and it has nothing to do with you,” he told her.

Kerner apologized to Nacer for interrupting her, but she wasn’t having it.

“How rude,” she told him.


Kerner provided a statement Wednesday to our news partner,WPTV NewsChannel 5, along with a picture of the paper in question.

“The county attorney printed me a new copy of the BOCC rules because I used hers earlier in the day. She delivered a new copy with this humorous preprinted note pad attached to it. I raised it during the meeting to show her I received it. A lady was testifying at that time about why masks don’t need to be worn. She became very upset. She thought I was holding up a ‘wtf’ sign in reference to her anti-mask position. I was not. I apologized to her for the confusion. This is a copy of the preprinted sticky note.”