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Woman accused of attacking man with knife

Police FB - Shirenna (30)
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

A woman visiting the Florida Keys is facing charges after she reportedly attacked a man with a hunting knife.
The incident occurred at a business in the 103000 block of the Overseas Highway on Sunday.
Police say they were called to the establishment around 11:30 p.m. by the victim who managed to barricade himself inside of an office.
When authorities arrived, they encountered 30-year-old Chelsea Joy Bartley attempting to break into the front door of the office.
Bartley was detained and that’s when authorities noticed drops of blood on the floor and a door blocking entry to the office.
The told police that he and Bartley got into an argument and she grabbed a hunting knife and jumped on him.
He was able to wrestle Bartley and push her outside of the door before locking it and barricading himself.
Bartley is now facing 1 felony account of aggravated assault with a weapon and 1 misdemeanor charge for battery.