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Witness saves pregnant woman being attacked in Publix parking lot by pulling out a gun

Pinellas County Sheriffs Department
Pinellas County Sheriffs department

(LARGO, FL)– A gun owner was able to stop the brutal beating of a pregnant woman by pulling out his gun on her attacker.
The incident occurred on Saturday in the parking lot of a Publix store.
The witness told police that he saw 27-year-old Cole Joseph Danisment punch his pregnant girlfriend several times in the face until she fell to the ground. Once the victim was on the ground, Danisment continued to harm her by stomping on her head and upper body.
The witness told police that the attack was so “brutal in nature” that he felt that the woman would die if he did not intervene, so he pulled out his gun on Danisment.
Once Danisment noticed the gun, he stopped hitting the victim.
Police reported that the woman was left covered in a large amount of blood.
Danisment who had been dating the victim for about a year, told police that he “saw red” and blacked out when he became angry at her.
Officials say that Danisment has continued to show a pattern of domestic violence towards the woman despite having a no-contact order that was issued on Oct. 11th.
According to the report, the couple moved in together about a month ago.