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Why are there less active serial killers and more spree killers in Florida?

Ted Bundy 1978
Theodore Bundy mugs for the media after Leon County Sheriff Ken Katsaris informed him of his indictment by the Leon County Grand Jury, July 28, 1978. Bundy was indicted on two counts of first degree murder; three counts of attempted murder; and two counts of burglary in the Chi Omega slaying. (AP Photo)

Are mass murderers supplanting serial killers? Improved forensic science such as DNA has allowed law enforcement to arrest budding serial killers before they can rack up three or more murders.
But, with the explosion of gun sales, spree killers are running rampant in America.

Just this past weekend alone in South Florida, Boca Raton Police responded to a fatal shooting that occurred at the Dixie Manor Apartments on Sunday afternoon.
When officers arrived they found two gunshot victims. One man was declared dead at the scene while the other was transported to Delray Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries. The suspect fled the scene in a gray older model vehicle.

And three people are dead and six more are hurt after a mass shooting late Saturday night outside Miami. Police say it happened after a graduation party in a Kendall strip mall hookah lounge. Two men and a woman, who was a Florida corrections officers are dead, while three other men and three women were hurt when gunfire erupted as people left the graduation party. Six others were wounded and are reportedly in stable condition.

Karen interviews preeminent expert Dr. Bryonna Fox, Professor in the Department of Criminology and Faculty Affiliate of the Florida Mental Health Institute at the University of South Florida.

Bryonna Taylor
Criminology expert Dr. Bryonna Taylor

Dr. Fox earned her PhD from the University of Cambridge and is a former FBI Special Agent.

Episode 109: Serial Killers vs Spree Killers