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West Virginia woman awakens from a 2 year coma, names her brother as her attacker

Jackson County, WV Sheriff’s Dept.

NEW MARTINSVILLE, WV- After being beaten into unconsciousness 2 years ago, Wanda Palmer woke up in a West Virginia nursing home and was able to identify her attacker to investigators.

She told police Daniel Palmer III, her own brother, was the man responsible for beating her nearly to death.

Wanda Palmer was found inside her home by neighbors on June 10, 2020, unconscious and severely injured by an object believed to have been a hatchet.

Palmer and her brother had a history of violent confrontations and in the days following the attack he was questioned by police but denied any involvement.

A witness placed him at the home at around midnight on the night of the incident but police were unable to connect him directly to the crime and no weapon was recovered.

Wanda would spend the next two years receiving full time care then on June 27, 2022, she began speaking in single words to her caseworker.

When deputies arrived to interview her, she was able to respond coherently to their questions and named her brother as her attacker.

Daniel Palmer reportedly resisted arrest when he was taken into custody and is being held on half a million dollars bond on charges of attempted murder and malicious wounding.