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Wendy’s employee shoots at drive-thru customer

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(AP Photo/Brittainy Newman)

Hilton Head Island, SC–
Authorities are currently searching for a 19-year-old Wendy’s employee who reportedly shot at a customer’s car through the drive-thru window.
The incident was reported on Friday at the restaurant located on Nature Way.
Officials say they received a call from the manager of the establishment stating that one of their employees, Fernando Montano, shot at a customer.
Montano reportedly walked up to the drive-thru window, hid behind a wall, and fired two shots at the car before running out of the store.
He then got into his car and continued firing at the car as he drove away.
Authorities reported that the drive-thru customer also had a gun and that this was not an isolated incident.
“This is not a random act of violence from an employee to a customer,” said Spokesperson Maj. Angela Viens. “We believe there is a relationship of some sort.”
Officials have put out warrants for Montano’s arrest.
The situation is still under investigation including whether or not the customer fired their weapon.