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Weather Service confirms EF-0 Tornado touched down in Palm Beach Gardens

Prolific tornado spinning towards the town of Carpenter, Wyoming, USA

The National Weather Service in Miami has confirmed that an EF-0 tornado touched down late Wednesday afternoon in Palm Beach Gardens with winds of 85 miles per hour.

Much of the damage from the storm occurred in the area east of Military Trail between Burns Road and Holly Drive.

Part of a playground was damaged by the twister, several trees went down at the nearby PGA National golf course, and the pool and rec center at the Burns Road Community Center is now closed due to storm damage.

100 children were at the community center when the storm arrived and students at Palm Beach Gardens High School also had to take shelter when alerts were issued. All are safe.

The lightning-packed storm also sparked several brushfires around Palm Beach Gardens which were later extinguished and caused localized flooding in some areas due to as much as 4″ of rain falling.

The system moved east over northern Palm Beach County but stalled for almost two hours when it became trapped by westerly winds coming in from the Atlantic Ocean.