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Water and sewage rates to be increased in Delray Beach

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(AP Photo/Philadelphia Bulletin/Charles Higgins)

City officials in Delray Beach have passed a measure to increase the water and sewage rates for residents in the area.

The Ordinance was announced by the Delray Beach City Commission after a study found that the current water and sewer rates does not cover the cost of routine operations,  maintenance expenses of the system, annual debt service, and other capital-related needs.

“Our duty is to have the foresight to plan for the future needs of our community,” said Mayor Shelly Petrolia. “We have made such progress planning for necessary capital improvement projects such as our new water plant. Our water rates have not increased for 13 years, and the rate increases will help fund that project as well as other operational needs, while keeping the average water bill for a Delray Beach homeowner competitive with homeowners in neighboring cities.”

Despite the raise in cost, officials say the average water bill for residents in 2026 would be $75.66, at least $5.00 lower than neighboring cities.

Officials also reported that they are taking measures like initiating a 3-day irrigation system that will keep costs low by promoting efficient water use and decreasing water waste.

“Many households have been voluntarily following the three-day irrigation schedule and now, we are hopeful that many more will follow,” said Hassan Hadjimiry. “Conserving water is a top priority for the District and a top priority for our city.”

Residents whose address ends in an odd number should use the irrigation on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, while those whose addresses end in an even number will use the water on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Those who do not follow the system will be subjected to fines.

The ordinance went into effect on June 15th with a 90-day grace period.

For more information about the changes, click here.