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Watch viral “Suns in 4” Guy

Who will be in the NBA finals? Well, one Phoenix Suns fan thinks it will be his team in four.
Suns fan Nick McKellar has gone incredibly viral after his fight with a man known as “Marty” back on June 11 while in Denver.

After appearing to take a punch and retaliating with a few blows of his own, McKellar cried out “Suns in four” as security showed up.
The simple phrase became a viral sensation, with the Suns fan becoming a bit of a star in the following days. Barstool Sports even made T-shirts commemorating the moment.

While McKellar has been featured in news interviews and turned into a living meme, his opponent has been trying to tell his side of the story and even wants a second round with his rival.

But first, the Suns have to make it past the LA Clippers. They lost 106-92 last night in Game Three of the Western Conference Finals.
Deandre Ayton led the team with 18 points and nine rebounds in the loss.
Devin Booker and Chris Paul added 15 points apiece for Phoenix, which still holds a 2-1 lead in the series. The Suns will be back in Phoenix on Saturday for Game Four.